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The Mossman Cometh!

Yoidles! Productions and Brooks Wenzel are featured in March 2010 issue of Climbing magazine!  The article featuring photographs titled “The Mossman Cometh” appears on page 24 in “the Haulbag” section.  The article appears as part of Climbing‘s Green Issue and cites The Mossman as a mascot for the green movement amongst the climbing community.

“The Mossman makes a great mascot for this Green Issue, though he’s as much a product of Wenzel’s imagination – and his Yoidles! Productions – as he is a symbol of man’s intersection with nature.”

The feature focuses largely on The Mossman project photo’d by Adam Bove in the Red River Gorge fall 2009, and it includes references to Yoidles.com and other artwork that can be viewed on Yoidles.com.

Along with The Mossman, other Yoidles! classics include: The Great Googely Moogely, a latex swamp monster with 28-inch-long, individually articulating fingers and an automatically activated, spiny dorsal fin; Bobbachewy, extending, gnashing metal teeth that operate via the user’s mouth; and Mechamelcal, a five-foot-long camel head and neck that sports a fully functional neck and mouth controlled by hidden cables.”

Needless to say, we are pretty psyched about the magazine feature, and it wouldn’t have happened without the skilled shutter of Adam Bove.

Vi ya later!

Here is a link to Climbing: