DIY Nip-pin Kit Apr09

DIY Nip-pin Kit

I now have DIY Nip-pin kits available at I will soon have an instructional video to accompany the instructions included in the kit.

The Ticklemonster Battle in the Sky [the adult male role model series] Apr15

The Ticklemonster Ba...

The Ticklemonster Battle in the Sky [adult male role model series] kicks off April 24th at the Dairy Barn Art Center Versus Duane “The Committee Chair” McDiarmid.      “First he had to square off against his arch-nemesis, Clowny, on land an in the air. Now the...

Nip-pins Mar30


That’s right! Realistic looking and feeling silicone nipple buttons that you can pin on your shirt! Free the Nipple! CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE NIPPLE BUTTONS! All Different Skin Tones Available Free the...

Realcoinz Apr05


  Money. We all want more of it, we all want it to be worth more, and we all want to get things without spending it. It rules our daily thoughts and we are so invested in the social agreement of currency that it has attained a factual concrete existence.   Money is becoming more of...

Silver Bullets Apr05

Silver Bullets

Solid silver bullets loaded with historically coveted trade items and polished to a high gloss. These bullets are created to gift to random children (and children only)in public to protect them from...

Terra Affirmations Jun12

Terra Affirmations

As of June 2013, future summitiers of rock climbing routes in Boulder, Co, Seneca Rocks, WV, and Ten Sleep, WY will know that their efforts have real merit. Initiated in Spring 2012. Here are the affirmations found at the top of The Great White Behemoth, in Ten Sle