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Broooks Wenzel CV 1.3.14 (click link to download)

Brooks Wenzel

(740) 707.6736



Broooks Wenzel

(740) 707.6736





MFA                           Ohio University Sculpture and Expanded Practices                           2010 –  2013

West Virginia University Sculpture                                                    2008 – 2009

BSME                         Ohio University College of Engineering                                             1998 –  2003



Artistic Work / Teaching Experience


Instructor Image Studio Foundations – Ohio University                                                                   2014

Instructor Function Studio Foundations – Ohio University                                                                          2013

Instructor of Record Introduction to Sculpture Studio Course – Ohio University                             2013

Instructor of Record Sculpture 3 Studio Course – Ohio University                                                   2012

Instructor of Record Bronze Casting / Sculpture 2 – Ohio University                                              2012

Teaching Assistant Function Studio Foundations – Ohio University                                                2012

Instructor of Record Sculpture 1 Studio Course – Ohio University                                                  2011 Teaching Assistant Figure Sculpture / Sculpture 2 Studio Course – Ohio University            2011

Teaching Assistant Sculpture 1 Studio Course – Ohio University                                                    2011

Mechanical Designer, Assistant Mold Maker – Unit 70 Studios                                          2003-   2004



Exhibitions & Lectures:


Lecture & Slideshow Seeing and Knowing Visual Art. Athens, OH                                                  2013

Cultural Arts Center, Sunday Creek.  Sculpture for “You Call That Art?” Columbus, OH              2013

Curated & Established New River Rendezvous Interactive Art Exhibit. Fayetteville, WV                 2013

Trisolini Gallery, Yoidles! Productions. American Since 1980. Thesis Exhibition, Athens, OH       2013

Spanish Firefly. Collaboration With Jackie O’s Brewery, Athens, OH                                             2013

Lecture & Slideshow, Sculpture X Symposium “State of Expanded Media.” Cleveland, OH            2012

Greer Museum, EZ Chair. Invitational Exhibition                                                                             2012

Multiple Locations, Cubes. Public Installation and Digital Installation. Athens, OH                       2012

Upstream People Gallery, Bryohomini Digital images for 14th Annual Faces Juried Online           International Art Exhibition.”  Omaha, NE                                                                            2012

Kennedy Museum, The Nature of the Climb Digital print for “Butterflies in our Midst”

Athens, OH                                                                                                                            2012

Seigfred Gallery, Sunday Creek.  Sculpture for show “Making Thinking.”  Athens, OH                 2011

Trisolini Gallery, Anonymous.  Sculpture for show “Strength in Numbers.” Athens, OH                2011

Sells Park, Tornado Alert Chimes. Public Installation.  Athens, OH                                                 2010

WVU Exhibition Space, The Love Machine. Installation in Morgantown, WV                                 2009

WVU Exhibition Space, Pluck Me / Flock Yourself. Installation in Morgantown, WV                     2009

Spring Grove Sculpture Park,  Human Larval Gallery.  Sculpture for “Spring Grove Bi-Annual Sculpture Exhibit.”  Cincinnati, OH                                                                                          2007

Ohio State Fair, Todd Rooster Sculptures for “State Fair Amateur Art Exhibition.” Col. OH         2004

Seigfred Gallery, Gettin’ the Worm. Sculpture for “UAL Juried Exhibition.”  Athens, OH              2003

Ohio University Campus, Hairy Household. Sculpture for “Shelters.”  Athens, OH                      2000

OCC Invitational Art Exhibition, Rhythm. 3D digital illustration in Columbus, OH             1997




Lost Wax. Performed 28 locations across 16 states and two countries including Denver, CO, Los Angeles, CA, Houston, TX, Kailua, HI, Seattle, WA, Portland, OR, Vancouver, BC        2011 – 2013

Musical performance with Issa Nyaphaga painting, Alden Library, Athens, OH                             2013

The Sinking Ship In “Seeing and Knowing Visual Arts.” (Fall Semester)                                          2013

Mother-Eagleman: Un-Banned. Columbia, SC                                                                                  2013

The Sinking Ship. In “Seeing and Knowing Visual Arts.” (Spring Semester)                         2013

Mother-Eagleman: Black Friday. Columbia, SC                                                                                2012

Bottons. Performed 15 locations across 9 states including Charlotte, NC, Austin, TX, Columbus, OH, Bellingham, WA, Portland, OR, Bozeman, MT, Las Vegas, NV                                       2012-         2013

Willful Beloved Hitchin’. Alma, CO                                                                                                    2012

The Sinking Ship. Performed multiple locations College of Fine Arts, College of Film, MFA

performance review, College of Adventure Education.  Athens, OH                                     2011 –  2012

NRAC’s “New River Rendezvous.” Clowny Vs. The Tickle Monster: Crouching Clowny, Hidden Monster. Fayetteville, WV                                                                                                           2011

NRAC’s “New River Rendezvous.” Clowny Vs. The Tickle Monster: The Rematch. Fayetteville, WV                                                                                                                                                                   2010

Ohio University’s College Green “Return2OU.” Clowny Vs. The Tickle Monster Athens, OH        2009

Wild Goose Scavenger Hunt. Athens, OH                                                     2001,   2002,   2003,   2011

Carpenter Outdoor Stage. Life on Broadway.  Athens, OH                                                                           2003

North Lancaster Public Space. Life in Mexico. Athens, OH                                                               2002


International Publications:


Adam Bove, “Mossman,” Climbing Magazine, March 2010.

A Trip Down Memory Lane,  International Library of Photography, Copyright 2002.  The International   Library of Photography, Owings Mills, MD





Reilly, Lucas. “Rockin’ the Block Party.” The Athens News 8 Oct. 2013, Early Week ed.:              2013

1+. Print.                                                                    2012                   2011                              2011

pARTicipate. Student Artists Critiquing West Virginia. Catalog                                                          2009                                                                                               2009

Talent Lies in Contrast, Olentangy Community Newsletter, May 1998                                           1998


Grants and Awards:


Aesthetics Technology Lab In-kind donation                                                                                                2013

Beard Thief In-kind donation                                                                                                             2013

Ray Phoenix Programming In-kind donation                                                                                      2013

Pocket Productions In-kind donation                                                                                                 2012

Awards for Special Recognition, 14th Annual Faces Juried International Art Exhibition.”              2012

Full Tuition Waiver for Ohio University                                                                               2011-   2013

Monthly TA Stipend for teaching at Ohio University                                                          2011-   2013

Aesthetics Technology Lab In-kind donation                                                                                    2011& 2012

NRAC In-kind donation                                                                                                         2011& 2013

Friends of Trisolini Gallery Louise B. Fenske Graduate Scholarship                                                2011

Russ College of Engineering In-kind donation                                                                                    2011

John H. McConnel Scholarship                                                                                              1998-   1999



Professional Membership:


CAA                                                                                                                                       2011-   2013

Member ROY G BIV non-profit gallery                                                                                2012-   2013

President Pi Tau Sigma National Honor Society                                                                    2002-   2003


Other Relevant Work Experience


Concert and Entertainment Rigger and Stagehand – IATSE & venues in OH, WV,  KY    2010 – present

Field Construction Engineer / Crane mgr – Babcock & Wilcox Construction co.                   2005– 2010

Manufacturing Engineer – Worthington Cylinders                                                                 2003-   2004


Collections / Commissions:


Jackie O’s Public House, Athens, OH

“Todd Rooster,” New York City, NY

Unit 70 Studios, Columbus, OH

Olentangy H. S., Lewis Center, OH