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Money. We all want more of it, we all want it to be worth more, and we all want to get things without spending it. It rules our daily thoughts and we are so invested in the social agreement of currency that it has attained a factual concrete existence.


Money is becoming more of an abstract social accord than ever before. With the rise of digital currency and online commerce, money has become less tangible. We criticize Bitcoin for being a made-up currency, then we click our mouse to order new underwear while envisioning the paper dollars and metal coins that comforts us in the realness of our lifesavings.


The same items that make our currency feel safe get abused like tools or objects. Why not give our currency the same respect that we give our other coveted items? Doesn’t it deserve a high-gloss polish and an exclusive branding?


Yoidles! Productions has created a belt-mounted manually operated coin polisher that can be worn in public to offer free services of polishing people’s coins to a jewelry finish.

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